The power of coming together.

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Picture each of credentials, payments and secure access as three rivers, flowing parallel to one another. Each is strong on its own. Now imagine a point downstream where they connect, forming a single, powerful river. The river becomes larger, its current stronger. That’s how we picture each of these core products and services. Credentials, payments and secure access each have an individual strength. But when you bring them together, you can arrive at powerful solutions.

Imagine a multi-currency payment card that functions as your primary identification, allows access to members-only establishments, even functions as your boarding pass at the airport. ABCorp was instrumental in developing such a program that touches millions of people — and we did it years ago.

And now imagine the many form-factors beyond a card in your wallet — watches, health trackers, wrist-bands, your phone. All of this is possible; opening entirely new doors of customer engagement.

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ABCorp is trusted worldwide to design and produce identification programs – including physical forms such as cards and documents or digital credentials such as mobile driver’s licenses – for corporations and governments. If you need to know that people in your building are who they say, that workers are in properly authorized areas or ensure that your most important documents are beyond reproach, you should be speaking to us.

We’ve applied our years of experience in credentialing and authentication in the creation of high-security ID cards, drivers’ licenses, e-passports and mobile driver’s licenses, facility access cards and more. Your needs will be met by the most experienced and trusted supplier of identification products in the world. Major countries around the world entrust ABCorp to address their unique needs; this same expertise is available to you.


ABCorp is an experienced and trusted source for your financial needs. From printing some of the first currency for the United States to contactless EMV cards to mobile payments using a phone or wrist-band; our range of secure products and services for the financial industry can open an entirely new world of utility and customer engagement.

Even more daunting is the rapid convergence of payment transactions with secure access and identification. Whether the application is relating to transit or healthcare, our team and highly secure facilities can assist your needs.


In order for any type of transaction – whether it be gaining access to a physical site or commerce related — you need a point of intersection where it can happen. Is it secure or open to abuse? We have been protecting both parties in a transaction, no matter the type, for more than two centuries. That’s piece of mind.

At ABCorp, we have developed and maintain highly secure systems to facilitate transactions, even when the relevant parties are uncomfortable sharing critical information with one-another essential to the transaction. We deliver an entirely new level of secure.


While others look at secure access, identification and payments as completely separate functions, ABCorp sees the strength in bringing them together. The convergence of these three areas — already strong on their own— allows us to work with you to develop powerful, customized solutions.

We can show you how it can all come together. To pull from our vast knowledge and resources to give your company exactly what it needs to thrive; to stay a step ahead of the competition or those who would see you stumble. Opening an entirely new door to high-utility solutions and customer engagement.

Whether you want to place an order, get a quote or request a sample, we want to hear from you.