A Legacy of Secure

ABCorp’s history dates back 225 years – assisting the newly formed First Bank of the United States design and produce better, more counterfeit resistant currency. We are expert in counterfeit and fraud prevention, and designing processes with integrity that have zero tolerance for error. The scope of our products and services has evolved over the past 2 centuries, but secure remains the foundation of everything we do.

Today, we provide contract manufacturing and related services to support ecosystems for a number of sectors and industries. Many of our customer relationships date back decades, if not centuries; they include federal, state, and local government agencies, and world-class companies spanning 120+ countries.

ABCorp’s expertise in authentication, payments, and secure access is unrivaled. We often find that knowing what doesn’t work and why can be more important than identifying one possible solution to a problem. During the past 2 centuries these historically separate areas of function and utility have increasingly collided and overlapped. We refer to this evolution as The Convergence™ – whereby consumers are seeking greater convenience and utility, and to remove friction from their daily lives. Nobody better understands how to make this happen.

Our products range from the design, production, personalization, and fulfillment of contactless credit cards, to 3D printing of prosthetics for the mobility impaired, and even omnichannel content to enhance customer engagement and lower program costs. You might be surprised how many of these seemingly unique offerings, when properly paired, can elevate customer engagement.

Importantly, everything we do is enveloped in security – physical and logical. PCI, Integraf (ISO 14298), HIPAA, HITRUST CFS (Boston facility; digital print and personalization services), and Soc 2, Type 2 are just some of the steps we undertake to keep our partners out of harm’s way.

ABCorp is uniquely adept at identifying simplistically elegant solutions to complex problems. Contact Us and learn how our 2 centuries of experience can differentiate and elevate your offering.

3D Printing

  • Design services
  • Engineering and CAD services
  • Scanning and reverse engineering
  • Full color prototyping – Nylon PA12
  • Short run parts manufacturing – BASF TPU Ultrasint, HP Polypropylene Enabled by BASF, and Nylon PA12
  • Industrial dying
  • AMT vapor smoothing

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  • Asset tags and barcodes; including RFID and UHF readable tags
  • Gift, affinity, and other card solutions – program management, card design, manufacturing, personalization, and fulfillment services
  • Digital content – email, SMS/text, HTML
  • Large format printing
  • Omnichannel solutions
  • POS materials
  • Promotional materials – business cards, coasters, playing cards, et al.
  • Secure storage – UL Class 1 and Class 2 options available
  • Secure B2B/C services including pick-n-pack to 60,000+ retail locations
  • Transactional print services – including statements and booklets


  • Go-to for FinTech and Challenger Bank platforms needing guidance on how to get up and running quickly; expert at payment ecosystems and issuer-processor integration.
  • Archival services
  • Authentication engines
  • Call center support
  • Card services (all under a single roof)
    • JIT/vendor-managed models available (a/k/a pay for what you need, when you need it)
    • award-winning design team – card design & construction, packaging, and collateral; including eco-friendly materials
    • in-house software development services; including profiles and scripts
    • technology agnostic – NXP, ST, Infineon, et al.
    • secure print – litho, digital offset, screen printing (pre and post lam)
    • fabricating – collating, lamination, punch, inspection, hot stamp, milling & embedding
    • personalization – embossing (including braille), flat graphics (including color), full-bleed color images, encoding (mag and chip; contact EMV and contactless only), laser engraving, dynamic activation labels, et al.
    • secure packaging alternatives
    • fulfillment services – highly bespoke packaging, including manual alternatives
    • track-and-trace; including return mail management
    • multiple carrier options including First Class, FedEx, UPS, and DHL
    • real-time reporting and Customer Portal to monitor activity and influence action
    • virtual card issuance
    • multiple non-card form factors available (e.g., bracelets)
  • Digital content including mobile apps, web portals, virtual collateral, customer “prompts” via email and text/SMS, et al.
  • Financial instant issuance (in-field issuance and personalization of all card types enabled by ABCorp’s Evolve™ platform)
  • Omnichannel solutions
  • Secure data management – FIPS Compliant
  • Statement management – physical and virtual
  • Trusted Service Hub (TSH)


  • Archival services
  • Asset tags and barcodes; including RFID and UHF readable tags
  • Call center support
  • Design services – secure documents and card
  • ID cards and other card types – manufacturing and personalization
  • Hardware and software support services; including printer fleet management
  • Instant issuance of credentials
  • Pick-n-pack and secure distribution of high-value items
  • Real ID mobile image capture solutions
  • Secure data management – FIPS Compliant
  • Secure printing and personalization of vital records
  • Secure storage – UL Class 1 and Class 2 options available
  • Transit solutions – card design, manufacturing, personalization, and fulfillment services; other form-factors available
  • Virtual and mobile credential offerings


  • Archival services
  • Call center support
  • Digital content including “prompts” to drive action
  • Explanation of benefits
  • Health plan and pharmacy benefits cards – manufacturing, personalization, and fulfillment
  • New member (health insurance) kits
  • Omnichannel engagement
  • Virtual credentials